Entry #1


2010-10-05 23:30:52 by thdark

I'm having a bit of an artblock or what ever you would call it, and I would like some ideas.
Personally not looking to do any original characters.

They'd all be freebies of course, and I might not end up doing them all, just looking for ideas to make a list.
So you if have something you'd like to see drawn, post it here!


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2010-10-21 19:25:17

dude a mutated clown with knifes for teeth and a kinda venom like tongue(from spidey) would be soooooo frikin' awesome


2010-11-06 16:35:40

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2011-08-21 01:44:07

Draw a picture of Glenn Gould in a dress, please. Also maybe there's a big dog in the picture, but it looks lost.



2011-08-26 12:48:35

Ohhh poor you! :( Art blocks always stink. How about Alexander Hamilton or something? C:


2011-08-27 04:32:46

draw a soldiers helmet with a skull or some kind of skull maybe futuristic maybe older?


2011-08-28 01:23:51

Even though this comment is from 2010 I'm still going to suggest you draw a halo war scene with this spartan as the main focus. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Photos /Vanity_634498933673271484.png?w=8006 4c65 It would be challenging I think.


2011-08-28 12:17:56

I think with your style of art you could do a GREAT classic Punisher or a badass Batman, or some kind of Ironman...


2011-08-28 12:27:31

Still have an artblock? How about trying to draw that one scene from Watchmen where the girl puts a flower in the barrel of a soldiers rifle? Or a hippie Uncle Sam :D


2011-08-28 20:54:29

a Nazi commander with the wehrmacht flag behind him.


2011-08-29 21:27:36

Tom Cruise


2011-09-04 17:14:03

A mermaid? I loooove mermaids. <3


2011-09-07 16:04:55

Lee Van Cleef in all his spaghetti western glory!


2011-10-09 23:19:46

i would really like to see a full suit of knights armor drawn like the helmet you drew i hope thats not to much to ask


2012-02-17 05:26:53

Armored Core 5 comes out next month. Draw an AC5 Armored Core mech!


2012-03-03 05:08:43

Ha! Sorry about the review, but can you blame me? http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1296030/1
thedark had a birthday recently, and I thought it was you. I've really enjoyed your work since you got here.
My, what an old post. One wonders if you read these at all....
Perhaps a small picture of the Battle of Yorktown? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Yorktown
I've seen some excellent classical works depicting this pivotal, winning moment in American history.
Maybe something with Lafayette in it.. or Kosciusko?


2012-05-06 00:42:21

more pokemon!!!! its hilarious!


2014-02-22 22:09:52

how about u try a dragon laying siege of a town? it would look cool and u can do a ton of little guys running fire arrows and much more


2014-03-19 15:41:38

Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim (Dragonborn and mods :D MODS!!!)